KVICKIT PC Pocket Buddy

What is KVICKIT?

 No more messy laptops

As the people behind KVICKIT, we've seen the tragedy of a fully stacked laptop crashing to the floor on its way to the office far too many times. That's why we invented our "PC Pocket Buddy", which lets you avoid the mess, but still keep all your stuff within an arms length!
Make your daily life easier, either if you are are a  student, use your laptop at work, like have your laptop during flights, or if you just really love your PC! 
"Really; everyone with a notebook PC should have a KVICKIT"

An easier day

KVICKIT PC Pocket Buddy can help you in many ways in the everydays. It's not just easier to get around, but you'll only need one hand for your laptop, so that the other hand can bring the coffee cup. You'll always have your thumbdrives and notepads available, so you're always ready to go. The smartphone has a convenient spot if you bring your laptop to your flight. Not to mention that KVICKIT looks super cool!

Super easy to use!

KVCIKIT PC Pocket Buddy is attatched to your laptop using a special 3M glue, designed to stick nicely to laptop surfaces! And if you find it necessary to remove your KVICKIT from your laptop, it'll leave no lasting marks!

Buy KVICKIT now!

We have been succesfully crowdfunded throught DNB's page startskudd.no, and now our online store is open!

An entirely personal setup

What do you need to bring in your KVICKIT PC Pocket Buddy? Every situation is different and unique, so make sure to choose your own favorite style. And if you have an idea of your own you want to share, we're allways happy to receive your input! 
What is your setup like? How is your design? Send us some pictures!